Goddess Keridwen/Samhain meditation workshop


November 2


01:00 pm - 04:30 pm

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Goddess Keridwen/Samhain meditation workshop

A series of meditation workshops going though the Avalon wheel and the 8 festivals and 9 faces of the Goddess.

On this turn of the wheel we will be working with Goddess Keridwen, she is dark Goddess, crone and guardian of the cauldron of death, transformation and rebirth, of inspiration and regeneration.

Outline for the workshop:

* An introduction and description of Keridwen and her other names.

* Introduction to her Tree and her animals.

* Grounding exercises and calling her in.

*A guided meditation to meet Keridwen, were we will journey into her cave within the Tor and bring to her and her cauldron anything which no longer serves us and to discover what words of wisdom she has for us before spiralling out again.

*We will hold a small fire ceremony, were we will write down what we would like to manifest, bring forward with gratitude, and release it to the fire.

β€’A gift of the Flame of Avalon, closing the circle/Lady’s prayer.

What to bring:

A note book/journal

Something to place on the altar

Facilitated by: Kerry McCarthy – Sister of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess, Priestess of Avalon, Tarot reader and Reiki Master.

Investment Β£20 per person

Designing and creating channelled spiritual jewellery and there is no better, more magical place.

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